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manager: sir your resume just says “good looking and talented”

me: am I lying though?

manager: …youre right, Im sorry youre hired

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Don’t waste your time though if you’re not a US Resident above 18. 

I’m a part of this panel & I can say that it is legit, although if you’re looking for a ‘get rich quick’ way to get money, this isn’t it. It takes some time but you will be paid for it. 

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One of the few paid survey sites that aren’t a scam.

Giving this a shot (: Nothing to do :/

This is NOT a scam! I bought my PS3 with the money I made from this site, globaltestmarket, surveyspot and others. Definitely worth the time, you can do these while you’re just watching TV. Recommend!!

Reblogging so I can remember to check this out

I’ve had this shit for about 3 years. It’s legit. It just takes forever to rack up a significant amount of points for good rewards. Some surveys are too damn long but if you’ve got the time to kill then go for it.

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when your parents walk in when a sex scene is on 


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